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A Change

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

As a travel agent, I believe that a break in one’s usual routine or circumstances is an important part in re-invigoration, of reviving the human spirit.   I have great fun in sending travellers off to destinations all around the world knowing full well that, whatever happens (barring the unforeseen calamity) they will return with a new spring in their step and a new slant on life.  In my job, one of the most rewarding experiences for me is providing  clients, often unsure of where they want to go (but they believe they need a change), with enough advice and expertise to enjoy a memorable experience – to the extent they want to come back to visit me and tell me all about it.

I know from personal experience that absence in exotic places dims the mundane aspects of my life and introduces challenge instead.  Gone are the concerns of monthly account figures, or tax invoices; in come the smells, the sounds, the intrigues of another new day in unfamiliar but exciting circumstances.  After time away, I return to my home and garden, my family, my dogs, and my job and appreciate them all again – but with a different perspective on life. 

A holiday can certainly bring a reality check to matters that were so important prior to the trip but have paled with the passage of time.  As this article goes to print I will be in India attending a SATTE (South Asia Travel and Tourism Event) travel expo in Delhi.  I know that I will learn much, make new contacts within the industry, and enjoy the pre- and post-event side trips that are included.  The change will be good for me and I am currently working on my own new, travel website dedicated to my substantial Indian resources.

Talking about change, I have decided on a transformation within my own business, Viv’s Travel Bug.  The general public often ask me ‘Where have you gone?’ but many of my regular clients know that I have moved my office to my home.  Why I have done this?  Change, a new stimulus in my life!  I still intend to position Viv’s Travel Bug as a boutique travel agency for the Southern Highlands (since 2015 we have been in the Milton/Ulladulla District), catering for all the regular forms of travel for my clients.  But those who know me well understand that I have a passion for travel to Africa and India, as well as Central and South America, and one of my other interests is GAP-year travel for young folk (I have sent hundreds from all over Australia overseas). 

So, for me, change too has been as good as a holiday.  I hope that you will visit me in my new office, with its peaceful garden vistas, where we can quietly plan an exciting and stimulating change in your lives.

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