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Why use us?


an Award-Winning Travel Agency!

Situated in Mollymook Beach, NSW, there is a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in our spacious modern office and clients are always welcome.

Owner-Manager Viv Craig and her husband, Peter, have many, many years of experience of working in travel agencies and between them their travel knowledge covers all aspects of the industry.

Viv Craig is an inveterate traveller.  In recent years she has visited India several times; travelled the Trans-Siberian Railway; cruised on the Nile and Hooghly Rivers; hiked in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco; lazed on the coral beaches of the Maldives; watched the gauchos of Argentina at work; observed the wildlife of the Okavango Delta in Botswana; explored Namibia; experienced the back roads of Italy; and visited such iconic sites as Petra (in Jordan), Masada (in Israel) Abu Simbel (in Egypt) and Angkhor Wat (Cambodia).  

Her extensive personal knowledge of North, East and Central Africa makes her the local “African Queen” and she brings a similar background of personal experience, after visiting the sub-continent over a dozen times, to anyone who is interested in visiting Incredible India. 

Viv is busy developing an extensive wholesale base in India and is supporting many other Australian travel agencies with their own clients.




Questions & Answers?


Q.  In this modern age, why would you go to a travel agency when you can book on-line for yourself?

A.  Just as one can self-diagnose or research on the web, one still goes to a doctor or a lawyer for the knowledge and expertise that they can bring to the issue.  The years of knowledge gained from working in the travel industry and travelling ourselves is well worth tapping in to.

Q.  Is on-line booking or a visit to a “cheap flight franchise” always cheaper than your agency?

A.  Not necessarily.  With our knowledge we can provide alternatives and packages that the client did not realise existed.  We are often asked to “fix” problems created by such situations.  In these times, travel agencies receive very little in commission from airlines or wholesalers so it is the ‘short cuts’ and ‘best deals’ that we use to match or better any such offers.

Q. What sort of ‘value-added’ information can your agency provide for a client?

A. Between our consultants we have skills of fare analysis, personalised package designs (flights, hotels, car hire, tours, insurance) and our own visits to many parts of the world.

Q.  Does you agency specialise in anything?

A.  We can help anybody to go anywhere, at any time, as we have personally travelled in South, Central & North America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand.  However, we do take real pride in our specialisation in Africa and India. We are also very interested in promoting the modern phenomenon of eco-travel and community-based travel

Q.  Has your agency received any national travel agency awards?

A.  We have been fortunate enough, on several occasions, to win Australia-wide agency recognition from travel industry wholesalers who specialise. These include Travel Weekly annual awards for “Best Travel Agent for Africa and the Gulf”, winner 2006 and runner-up 2007; “Best Travel Agent for South America” runner-up 2009; and Travellers Choice awards for Best seller ”Contiki”  2007 and runner-up 2008.  In 2016 Viv's India was a finalist in the Travel Agency section of the India Australia Business & Community Awards.

Q.  How can we find out more about your agency?

A. Preferably visit us, or phone (02) 4455 5047, but we are on-line at or