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Africa's Visa, Passport & Vaccination Requirements

VISA REQUIREMENTS in AFRICA for Australian passport holders only

(NB Subject to change at any time without warning)

South Africa / Botswana / Namibia Australian passport holders currently do not require visas to enter South Africa, Botswana or Namibia.

Travelling with Children to South Africa & Botswana: Important information surrounding the South African requirements for minors traveling to South Africa. Please find the document from Home Affairs at the link below:

Zimbabwe A visa is required for your visit to Zimbabwe at a cost of USD $30 per person single entry, USD $45 per person double entry IN USD CASH ONLY obtainable at the airport upon arrival.

Zambia A visa is required for your visit to Zambia at a cost USD $50 per person single entry, USD $80 per person double/multiple entry IN USD CASH ONLY obtainable at the airport upon arrival.

ZIMBABWE & ZAMBIA KAZA UNIVISA- US$50 USD CASH ONLY per person the KAZA UNIVISA is valid for 30 days as long as you remain in Zimbabwe OR Zambia, where clients can cross into Zimbabwe/Zambia as frequently as they like within the 30 day period. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day-trips through the Kazungula Borders. The KAZA UNIVISA is not valid for overnight stays in Botswana.

Malawi - A single entry visa (to be used within 3 months from date of issue) is USD$100.00 per person to be paid on arrival in cash only. For visa to be obtained it is also preferable to take application forms. Visit Requirements for the visa on arrival or prior to travel please refer to the above website as there are certain documents to be sighted to issue your visa.

Kenya-Visas will need to be applied for through the online application process. Thiscan take around seven working days, prior to arrival, and visitors will then be required to present their printed eVisa upon entry.
Single-entry visas (business or tourism) are US$50, a transit visa (valid for three days) US$20 and the East Africa Tourist visa is US$100. The four-step procedure requires visitors to submit an application form and passport-sized photo.
For more information please visit or for destination information visit

Tanzania A visa is required for your visit to Tanzania at a cost of USD $50 per person IN USD CASH ONLY obtainableat the airport upon arrival.

Uganda Uganda Immigration have implemented the use of Electronic Visas.
All Australian visitors must apply through the online application system prior to arrival. Online applications must be made through the visa immigration website on

Please follow the online steps. You are required to upload clear copies of your current passport, Yellow Fever certificate, travel itinerary, return ticket and a passport photo.

On completion of the online application you will receive a barcoded email notification, print this email and bring it with you to Uganda. Upon arrival at any Uganda border (entry point) you must present the barcoded email. The immigration officer will scan the barcode, take your finger prints and photo and ask for the USD $100 cash payment for the visa. (Please note, Uganda only accepts USD bills dated 2006 or newer and in excellent condition). A visa sticker will be printed with your photo and placed in your passport.

Rwanda A visa is required for your visit to Rwanda at a cost of USD $30 per person IN USD CASH ONLYobtainableat the airport upon arrival.

Madagascar Tourists are required to buy a visa at a fee of 20 Euro in additional to a tourism tax (Border Levy) of 10 Euro per person for all nationals. This is payable upon arrival at the airport. The visa will be valid for 30 days and no photographs are required.

Mozambique A visa is required for your visit to Mozambique at a cost of AUD $95 obtainableat the airport upon arrival.

Egypt A visa is required for your visit to Egypt at a cost of USD $15 per person IN USD CASH ONLY for a stay of up to 30 days. This can be obtained upon arrival at the airport.

NOTE: AUSTRALIAN travellers heading to Egypt will need to formally apply for a visa in advance of their visit under new regulations imposed by the country.

Please check for any other African countries you may be visiting.

PASSPORTS It is compulsory that clients have at least TWO(2) blank pages per country visited in their passports and passports must be valid for at least six months from the return date of travel.

VACCINATIONS Specific inoculations are compulsory for journeys to Africa; please ensure that you check with your doctor or TravelVax (Phone: 1300 360 164) for the latest requirements.

Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory if visiting the following countries: The Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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