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Volunteer Work

Viv's Travel Bug encourages the experience of working with animals in Africa, helping with wildlife conservation, or travelling while making a difference ... 

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'CARE OF THE LAND, CARE OF THE WILDLIFE, CARE OF THE PEOPLE'.  This is the maxim of '& Beyond' (one of the world's leading ecotourist organisations), a company that I hold dear to my heart.  From the overwhelming response to my article on Botswana, I feel that there are adventurous spirits out there just waiting to embark on a "doing well by doing good" trip of a lifetime.

Africa awakens my soul and therefore it is to this continent that I would invite you to share your vision to make the world a better place for people in need and wildlife on the endangered list.  There are many opportunities to organise purposeful adventures for travellers throughout the continent.  However, if Africa is not for you there are plenty of similar schemes elsewhere in the world to which I could guide your involvement in an ecotourism community project.

Combine your dream holiday - Victoria Falls, Zambesi River, Okavango Swamps, game reserves (Kruger, et al), Cape Town, Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro crater, etc. - with an opportunity to volunteer your time and energies by immersing yourself in the culture of the local people and contributing to wildlife projects that give back to the local districts.  Make a positive impact on your holiday by integrating within a local community and assisting with animal welfare, health care, building projects or education schemes, to name but a few.

Families can travel together and all together make a difference to a community or wildlife project.  We all have the skills to

-          Work with childrenVB1

-          Teach English or basic maths

-          Help develop a community

-          Work in animal conservation

There are many fascinating projects to which you could contribute some of your time - and make a difference! - and add a 'giving' component to your travel.

Desert Elephants (Namibia).  Volunteer to work and save these unique animals.
  • Assist with orphaned elephants in Zimbabwe (also adjacent to the Victoria Falls), or South Africa or Kenya.
  • Work in cheetah rehabilitation in South Africa or Namibia.
  • Work with orphaned children in  Swaziland or Mozambique
  • Work with mobile health clinics in Kenya.
  • Help with black rhino conservation in South Africa, or turtle conservation in Costa Rica.
  •  Teach disadvantaged children in Kenya, Cambodia or India.
  • Conserve and swim with dolphins & whales in Mozambique.

Drop by the office, phone (1300 815 512 / 0415 250 224) or email us at viv@vivstravelbug.com.au  

I am passionate about this type of travel and would love to share some possibilities with you!