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Over the years I have written regularly for my local magazines and newspapers, or given radio talks, generally about my own personal experiences on my travels around the world, where I have been fortunate enough to have visited nearly one hundred countries. 

Here is a selection of my writings over many years which I hope will add to your knowledge and interest in travel.  I would love to share with you my own perceptions and insights as I have attempted to broaden my own knowledge of the exciting, fascinating and challenging world in which we live.

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St Petersburg to Beijing across taiga, steppes and desert (Trans Siberian Railway)

A visit to Rajasthan, the land of the Kings (India)

Live life... Have an Affair with travel! (about volunteering)

An Island of Surprises (about Barbados)

The Swirling Skirts of La Boca (about Buenos Aires)

Do the Delta before you Die! (about Botswana's Okavango Delta)

Mozambique - a land of white coral sands...... 

Pug Marks in India, Spoor in Africa

Pronking and Spitting (about game viewing in South Africa)

Oh .. to have an Adventure!

The Deafening Noise of Chimpanzees (about Uganda)

Wildlife Volunteer (working with African animals)

The Significance of Height in Flat Lands (about the Baltic countries)

Turkey on the Menu (about visiting Turkey)

Rediscover the Romance of Rail and the Slow Boat to Anywhere

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

Black Snot, Red Snot!

Alluring Madagascar

Shongololo Choo Choo (African & Indian luxury train travel)

The Shadow at Dawn (about visiting Borneo)